To be read – on holiday!

To be read – on holiday!

I have just touched down today in Devon – as you can see from the super tumblr-y feature image. So expected some adventure related posts coming in the next week! Of course, a whole week of relaxing means a hell of a lot of reading for me so I’m about to catch up on all the reading that I haven’t had time to do the past couple of months. I thought I’d share with you guys what I plan to read, and if you like I could post an update at the end of my holiday to rate the books I read.

I’m aiming to read three books while I’m away, as I’ve also got a bunch of Netflix shows I want to binge on too. These are the three I plan to read, along with a little summary of what they’re about! (Side note – I totally didn’t plan the whole pink theme, but in hindsight it makes this post way more aesthetically pleasing.)

UnknownThe first book on my list, which I am absolutely dying to read, is A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard. I read Beautiful Broken Things and completely well and truly loved it and so I’m desperate to read A Quiet Kind of Thunder and praying that it is just as good. The book follow Steffi, who doesn’t talk, and Rhys, who can’t hear. When Rhys starts at Steffi’s school, she is assigned to look after with her basic knowledge of sign language. As Steffi discovers her voice, she also discovers that she is falling in love with Rhys. Let’s hope the book is as good as Beautiful Broken Things, because if you haven’t already read that then you totally should – it’s a good ‘un. Plus, both of the front covers for these books are just gorgeous, they look amazing on my book shelf.

28482571Next up is Faceless by Alyssa Sheinmel – courtesy of one of my best friends (thanks Em). I’ve really been wanting to read this one for a while, and I’m really excited now I’ve finally got the book. Faceless is about a girl called Maisie who’s face has been partially destroyed by freak lightening accident. Maisie’s life completely changes in the aftermath of the accident. Her whole life has been affected, not just her face. The book looks at how appearance affects relationships and day-to-day life and just how important looks are to the rest of the world. I’m actually so excited to read this, I really hope it lives up to my expectations because I feel like it’s going to be a really good story.

ANNA+UKLastly, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. I’ve been wanting to read Stephanie Perkins’ trilogy for ages. The reviews for Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily Ever After are all so so good and I’ve got no idea why it’s taken me this long to get round to reading them really! The book follows Anna’s move from her happy, comfortable life in Atlanta with her best friend, car, job and dream boyfriend, when her father decides it is time for Anna to experience culture and enrols her in an American school in Paris. Anna has no idea how she’s going to survive until she comes across Etienne St. Claire, the perfect boyfriend. However, Etienne has a girlfriend and Anna has an almost-boyfriend at home in Atlanta. So if you’re wondering what will come of Anna and Etienne, you better give the book a read!

So those are the three books I’m planning to read on my week away. Expect a couple of adventurous-photography type posts at some point within the next week as I explore this little village in Devon. In the meantime, check out my social media links to find me elsewhere on the internet, and have a lovely Easter weekend!

(P.S. if you want to hit me up on Goodreads then you can find me here, although I only recently made this account so I need to get it up to date a bit more.)


March favourites

March favourites

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I seem to have one week where I’ll post every single day and then a week where I’ll only post like twice – not very consistent I know. However, I am here, and I’m doing another favourite because who doesn’t love a favourites? You can find my February favourites here if you like, to see what I was loving last month. I actually can’t believe it is already April. It was only December two seconds ago I swear. 2017 is flying by already! But rambling over, these are my March favourites…

spongesFirstly, I’ve been really loving these new make-up sponges I got sent. I was sent these from Basic Beauty Tools, and they’re anything but basic. They sell these little make-up sponges, which can be used wet or dry and come with this genius little stand to hold your sponge and keep it clean. It’s especially great if you use your sponges wet, because it is somewhere for it to dry hygienically. It’s a really great idea and the sponges are great quality – they literally double in size when you use them wet. Also, as you can see, the flat side and pointy tip makes them great for precision. You can really get into the corners of your eyes and around your nose. I love the way that they make my make-up look, it always looks smooth and flawless. You can check out their site here, and if you fancy grabbing yourself one you can use the discount code EMMA15 for 15% of until April 30th – how can you say no?

In other news, I’ve also been loving Tesco plants. Recently, Tesco have started succulents socks and succulentsand cacti (which we know I’m a big lover of) and not only that, but they come in gorgeous pots. I’ve already got a couple of cacti from there and a couple of rainforest-type plants in these amazing pots. They’re all such good prices and you just wouldn’t think to get plants from Tesco but I mean, aren’t they lovely? I might go check out some more supermarkets soon and see if they’re as good.

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson, oh my lord. Before you stop, don’t worry this will be spoiler free. I’m just going to say that if you’ve read I’ll Give You the Sun then you will absolutely love this too. It’s such a sad but beautiful story. If you’re a teenager or in your early 20s then you’re definitely a lot more likely to love this book. I got through the whole book in just over 24 hours, I couldn’t put it down. It’s a pretty unique plot and I really liked it. I realise this has been a terrible review, but I really don’t want to give the plot and the ending away as it’s just so bloody good!

tanya burr lippieI’ve also been seriously loving the Tanya Burr lipsticks. I recently mentioned in my Make-up Haul that I’d bought Pink Cocoa and since then I’ve bought Bigg Kiss and Birthday Cake, which are such gorgeous shades. I’m obsessed with how moisturising and soft they feel, they’re more like a lip balm. Not to mention the fact that they literally last all day.

Lastly, I’ve recently been coming home from work at half five and getting straight into some really comfy clothes. My favourite comfy item of clothing is currently my Victoria’s Secret yoga pants. They’re really thick and warm, but at the same time so stretchy. I love wearing them with an oversized top or jumper. They’re just my favourite at the moment. If it was socially acceptable to wear them 24/7 then I probably would because they are pure comfort. I bought mine back in January, so they no-longer have my exact pair, but you should definitely check the site out and if you haven’t already, get yourself some. I admit they’re a little on the pricey side for a pair of leggings, but they’re such good quality, they’re worth investing in.

Those are the five things that I’ve been really loving this month – I mean I’ve been loving a hell of a lot of things but these are the five things that I’ve narrowed it down to. What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments. Also let me know if you’ve been loving any of the same things as me, or have any recommendations for things I might like to include in my April favourites.


Blogging awards!

Blogging awards!

I’ve recently been nominated for four awards by four lovely bloggers – thank you all so much. So I thought I’d put them all together in one post! I’ve been nominated three times for the Liebster Blog Awards, which I’ve actually already done once but I can’t not do it again when I’ve been nominated three times, right? And then lastly I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award! So lets get answering some questions!

So I’ll start with the One Lovely Blog Award. The lovely LindsayRose nominated me for this one – please go check out her blog here, she’s got a lovely blog and she’s honestly the sweetest, she always leaves the loveliest comments on my posts! Thank you for the nomination Lindsay!

The rules are:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and links back to them
  • Post about the award
  • Share 7-15 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 9-15 bloggers you admire and contact them to let them know.

Seven facts about me:

  1. So many people have admitted that when they first met me, they thought I had chocolate on my chin – but it’s a mole.
  2. I always do my own gel nails and I used to be really into nail art, I love painting my own nails and even if I do say so myself, I’m pretty good at it.
  3. I used to draw a lot. I was hugely into art, but I got so sick of being forced to draw things I didn’t want to when I was doing GCSE art and it stressed be out so much that I haven’t drawn anything since, and don’t really want to. My teacher totally killed it for me.
  4. I absolutely love Ed Sheeran and his music.
  5. I hate tea. I don’t mind green tea, but your standard English breakfast tea with milk is gross.
  6. I have two brothers; Matthew who is 17 and Luke who is 13.
  7. I really like going to bed early and waking up early in the summer. I love getting up early when its a warm sunny day. But I go the opposite way in the winter and fall asleep at 3am and wake up at 11am.

As I’ve got four awards to get through here, I’m going to run out of people to nominate if I award like ten people for each one.. so I’ll just nominate three people for each award. So for the One Lovely Blog Award I’m nominating Jenny, Everything EmmZeeBee Blog and Sarah’s Cup of Beauty!

I was also nominated for the Liebster Award by Makeupandcosmetics , Charlotte Amanda and Livelaughlib. Thank you so much girls, I’m honestly so happy that all three of you have liked my blog enough to nominate me – thank you! So now I’ll answer each of their questions and then nominate three bloggers for the Liebster Award.

Makeupandcosmetics’ questions:

  1. What is your favourite foundation? At the moment it’s the Mac Studio Fix (prepare for some shameless self-promo) which you can find my review of here.
  2. Which make-up products can’t you live without? (oh god more shameless self-promo, I’m so sorry) I actually have a whole post on this here, but in short.. my mascara, and my freedom eyebrow pomade for sure.
  3. If you had to create your own product, what would it be and why? I want to say some kind of foundation that’s also like a spot/acne cream that will cover your spots while healing them, but I don’t know whether that is actually possible. This would have been exactly the kind of thing I needed when my skin was really bad so..
  4. If you could travel to any place in the world where would it be? I’m not sure to be honest? There are lots of places I’d like to visit but there isn’t really one particular place for any sentimental reason. I’d probably have to go for somewhere cliche like New York or maybe somewhere like Hawaii or Jamaica.
  5. What is your favourite food? A chicken burger 100%.

And now Charlotte Amanda’s questions:

  1.  How do you spend your spare time? Either reading, blogging, watching Youtube videos or probably sleeping or eating. Exciting right?
  2. What’s your greatest achievement? Urm I’d probably either have to say my A* I got in A Level English Lit, which might sound stupid but honestly you have no idea how hard I worked for that. Or possible my student of the year award, which sounds kind of sad but I honestly used to be so un-academic, and I still don’t know why I was awarded this but I’m so proud of it!
  3. Do you have any hobbies/interests? Reading and blogging!
  4. What’s your favourite food? Again, 100% a chicken burger.
  5. Twitter or Instagram? Twitter. Instagram is nice to look at but not so much to use.. It’s all about how many likes you get and I’m not a fan of that. But then I guess you could say Twitter is all about followers?
  6. If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? Probably New York, or maybe I’d go back to Disney World idk.
  7. Why did you start blogging? Mainly to sort of document what I’m getting up to and because I like writing, and as I’m not in education right now I need something to keep my brain active!
  8. What’s your favourite season? Summer.
  9. What’s your next goal? To have a really good and as stress-free as possible year.
  10.  What advice would you offer to a newbie blogger? Don’t worry about how many followers you have or how many people are viewing your stuff, just be consistent and post regularly.

Now on to livelaughlib’s questions:

  1. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? Well you already know
  2. Who is your blogging inspiration? I don’t know tbh, I don’t really like aspire to be like anyone? I’m sort of just trying to do my own thing.. boring I know!
  3. favourite candle scent? I’d have to go with good old lavender – it’s so calming!
  4. What is your dream job? Probably to be an editor at a publishing house, like a really decent publishing house. I’d like to be paid to read texts everyday.
  5. Truth or dare? Probably truth.
  6. What’s the next thing you intend to purchase? Well considering I have a big make-up delivery coming tomorrow, probably nothing else now until pay day.. I’m thinking of treating myself to a McDonald’s on Wednesday, so probably that!
  7. Where do you intend to go with your blog? I’m just hoping that it continues to be something I enjoy doing and something that keeps me being productive in my spare time. It’d be a great added bonus if people were to enjoy it and keep coming back here though!
  8. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Chicken burgers of course!
  9. Winter or Summer fashion? Ok now this one is difficult.. I’d probably have to swing slightly more towards Winter because there’s something nice about being all cosy in a jumper and big coat, but at the same time I love just being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt. But I’ll go with Winter.
  10. Brexit? Hmm, probably best if I don’t get too into this or else I could be here a while. Ok so I voted remain, and I’m totally proud of that so if you want to challenge that, please be my guest. I think leaving isn’t wise at all, but I mean there isn’t much I can do about it now so I think it’s important that we deal with what is about to happen and make the best of the situation.
  11. Are you sticking to any goals you set for this year? Yeah I’m not doing too badly actually! I’m eating a lot healthier, I’m drinking more water, getting a lot more sleep, I got a job and I’m earning money, I’m feeling a lot less stressed than I have been recently and I’ve been feeling really productive! I’m actually loving 2017 so far, it’s all going in the right direction for me!

So that’s it! Thank you again to you three lovely girlies for nominating me, and please go check out their blogs because they’re all so lovely! And now for my questions and nominations for the Liebster Award…

  1. Do you have a middle name? If so, what is it?
  2. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
  3. What is your biggest regret?
  4. One goal you’ve managed to achieve this year?
  5. Something you are really proud of?
  6. Why did you start blogging?
  7. Your current favourite make-up product?
  8. What was the first book you can remember reading?
  9. Pizza or burger?
  10. London or New York?
  11. What was your favourite subject at school?

And I’d like to nominate beautylifemom, Jacqueliinejoy and kate!

Thanks again for the nominations and thank you if you’ve read this far down too! Make sure you come back tomorrow because I’m hoping all my make-up will be delivered and I’m going to be putting up a post about it all ASAP! In the meantime, you can find me at all my social media links or go check out my last blog post if you haven’t already, Five Things I Can’t Resist Buying!




Ten top revision tips

Ten top revision tips

So sadly, exam season is about to start and if you haven’t started already then you’re probably thinking about beginning some revision. I’ve been there, done that and got that stressful t-shirt, so I’m going to spill the beans with my ten top tips to survive revision and get the most out of it.

I got pretty average grades in my GCSEs because quite frankly, I didn’t start really revising until about 48 hours before my first exam – which in hindsight, was stupid. Luckily, I still did okay. But by the time I got to A-Levels, which are about a billion times harder than GCSEs, I knew I needed to get my act together. So, these are the things that I learned worked really well for me and helped me get my A-Level grades. Something I did must’ve worked because by some miracle I managed an A* in A-Level English Lit (which i still can’t believe – I think my examiner must’ve been drunk.)

  1. The first thing I’d suggest is about three months before your first exam, you should make a revision timetable. I totally underestimated the importance of a good revision timetable in my first year of A-Levels, which is probably why I didn’t do very well in my first year. However, I did great in my second year, and I put a lot of that down to a revision timetable. I found that it just made my life feel a bit more organised in a time of absolute chaos and stress. It sounds silly, but because it was written down and set out for me it made me stick to it and I did a lot less procrastinating because of it. Also, because I incorporated breaks into my timetable it meant I was looking forward to my scheduled break as I revised. Basically, it does you a lot of psychological favours. Plus, you can make it look all pretty and colourful, which is always fun.
  2. Carrying on from what I said about breaks; breaks are very important, make sure you allow yourself them. Breaks can be really motivating, if you’re struggling to get through an hour of maths, knowing you can have twenty minutes at the end to watch some Youtube might just pull you through it. Not only that, but your brain needs a break, you’ll over do it and just frazzle your brain if you don’t allow yourself breaks, and then the whole day will have been pointless. I know Sophie from school said she did nine hours straight without a single break and she always gets A*s but Sophie is a weirdo, you don’t have to try and do what Sophie does. Download yourself a pomodoro timer, which times your revision periods and breaks and allows you to set the length of time for each. It is a really useful app, I found it really motivating.
  3. Use your breaks as opportunities to drink lots and lots of water. It’s a well known fact that lack of water leads to dehydration, which affects concentration and absorption of information, so down that water. I always aimed to drink a good 1.5-2L of water a day when I was revising, and I always found it kept those nasty revision headaches at away and it made me feel a lot less tired too. Don’t underestimate the importance of something as simple as water, drink it, and lots of it.
  4. This one might be a myth, a lot of people at the time laughed at me for this one but in all honesty I think it might have made a difference. There is a theory that listening to videos about whatever it is you’re learning/revising and falling asleep with them playing allows your brain to absorb the information more while you’re sleeping. It sounds ridiculous, I know. But, I was beyond desperate by my second year of A-Levels and willing to try anything. So, every night I’d make a Youtube playlist and set it going before I fell asleep and then leave it going all night. I have no idea whether it worked, in all honesty, but if you’re desperate like I was.. might be worth a shot?
  5. About those Youtube videos, if you’re a kinaesthetic learner like me then videos can be really really helpful. For example, John Green does a bunch of videos summarising and analysing books, which was SO helpful. A lot of videos use cool cartoons to show you what goes on, and that really helped me remember things. So if you like seeing things, or would rather be told things rather than reading them, then try Youtube – you’d be really surprised what’s out there, no matter how weird your revision topic, there’s probably a few videos on it.
  6. Sleep. Just like water, sleep is so so so important. If you don’t get enough sleep, your brain isn’t going to be working to it’s full potential, and when you’re revising, you need every last bit of that potential, trust me. Get yourself into a really good routine, as painful as it is, I used to go to sleep at 10pm every night and wake up around 7/7:30 every morning at the weekends. It meat that I got a good nine hours, and I quickly adjusted to the time and I’d be sat working by eight in the morning and would stop at about eight in the evening. The routine just helped me keep my shit together that little bit. Like keeping a timetable, it just gives you a bit of order and control over all the chaos. Plus it gives you more day time to revise – if you’re like me and your brain just stops working around 5pm, then this is perfect. I’m definitely someone who’s brain works better in the morning, so this was what i needed. However, I know a lot of people who used to sleep all day and revise all night because their brain worked better at night, so just do what works for you – just as long as you’re getting a good nine hours.
  7. Fill your bedroom walls with key words and short quotes or equations etc that you need to remember. In January (my exams were in May and June) I put all my English, History and Sociology quotes up around my room. I shortened them first, and then put different subjects on different colour pieces of paper, and different themes or topics were highlighted in different colours and placed in different areas of my room. Therefore, I’d get up in the morning and see Professor John Smith talking about Charles I and how he was responsible for the civil war over by my book shelf in pink, and slowly all these different quotes became associated with different parts of my room. By the time my exams came around I could think of an area of my room and visualise the majority of the quotes and knew what topic they were from the colour. It really worked. In fact, a lot more came back to me than I thought it would during the exams. I’d definitely swear by this one, especially if you’re someone who can’t just learn things over night, like me, and need a good few months.
  8. Turn your revision into games. I don’t know about anyone else but just sitting and writing things out over and over just doesn’t do it for me. So, I used to turn my revision into games. Google it, there are lots of ideas out there so find what works for you – there’s bound to be something. I remember for my Sociology revision, I’d put different questions on posters around the house and I’d have all my revision cards with loads of quotes on and I’d give myself three minutes to run around the house matching the quotes to the questions. It really helped those quotes stick in my mind and at the same time made revising fun and made me exercise – something else which is good for revision.
  9. Say things out loud. I always found that saying things out loud as opposed to just reading them made a big difference. It’s easy to just read something but not really read it, if you know what I mean? But saying it out loud makes sure that you really have read it. I was forever stood in my room just having a conversation with myself. My history teacher knew this, he used to get out class to do little radio interviews to get us saying the things out loud. I used to then come home and do this for myself. Sure, I looked crazy talking to myself but if it works, who cares?
  10. Lastly, remember, summer is coming and these exams will be over soon and then you can spend weeks doing nothing and relaxing. Spend a couple of months getting up super early and working hard and then in July you can sleep until the middle of the day and lie in bed all afternoon if you like. I always found that when I was struggling and lacking motivation, I’d remind myself that summer was coming and treated summer like my reward for working hard. It’s great self-motivation. Also remember that exams aren’t everything and it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t do well – so don’t get too stressed or overwhelmed by it all, because that’s not going to help either.

If you have GCSEs or A-Levels coming up, or whatever the equivalents are in other countries, then good luck and I really hope that some of these tips help you. Let me know if you try any of these and if they do help – I’d love to know. Also, if you’re doing any of the subjects I did then feel free to get in touch with me, I’d be more than happy to help! You can tweet me or message me on Instagram, or even snapchat me – my username is emmachxrlotte. If you have any great tips for revision then leave them in the comments, they might help someone out who’s reading this post!

Thank you for reading and make sure you give my blog a follow to catch my DIY post coming tomorrow – it’s a good’un!