Blogging tips: Boosting your Domain Authority

Blogging tips: Boosting your Domain Authority

I’m relatively new to all of this super-tech behind the scenes blogging malarkey and have been working hard to understand everything and put it in to practice to improve my blog. Recently, I’ve been focusing on domain authority and specifically, boosting my domain authority.

In short, if you don’t know what domain authority is it’s a score that every domain has from 1 to 100 that was developed by MOZ. Basically the higher your domain authority is, the better your web traffic is and higher your search engine ranking. Ultimately, this makes your site more appealing to brands and PR companies etc as essentially you have more authority. Pretty simple really, it is literally your domain’s authority.

So how do you get your domain authority to 100 and have Apple begging to work with you? Well that is the more difficult part. It’s very difficult to get your domain up to 100 -Sites like Google and Amazon have a domain authority of 100. If you want to check your current domain authority, you can check it out by entering your web address here.

There’s no way to suddenly bump your domain authority from one to fifty, it’s something you have to be persistent and patient about. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of five ways to boost your DA below.

Five ways to boost your DA

  1. Link to reliable and authoritative websites in your posts.
  2. Get other sites to link to your website. When you collaborate with a company, ask them to post links to your site on their site.
  3. Improve your internal links. Link your posts back to your other posts. When you put up a post include links to similar posts on your site, especially older posts that aren’t seen as much anymore – that’ll improve your domain authority and views.
  4. Get your content shared on social media. If your content has lots of likes, shares and comments then surely it is better content and deserves a better DA.
  5. Make sure you know the difference between follow and no-follow links. This can be pretty complicated and I only understand it because I read a really really great blog post by Maria J, you can check out the post and her blog here – trust me, it is really helpful. Basically though, not changing your links to no-follow when they should be can get you in serious trouble with Google and affect your DA.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert, I’m just getting started with all this DA and SEO stuff myself, but I thought if I could simplify the best bits for you guys then it’d help you all out.

Of course, getting a good DA score and getting contacted by companies isn’t the whole point of blogging, and if it is what you’re setting out to do then you’re probably doing it for all the wrong reasons. However, it is an added bonus that can help your hobby become a bit more rewarding – just don’t get too hung up on the numbers.

I really hope this has helped some of you out, please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions – not that I’m sure I’ll be able to answer them all, but I’ll try. Failing that, get yourself a notepad and get on google!

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Favourite five lipsticks

Favourite five lipsticks

You may already be aware from my blog that I am a real lipstick lover. You don’t even want to know how many I have. I thought I’d do a ‘favourite five’ for my many many lipsticks. Why not let me know in the comments what your favourite five are? Are any of yours the same as mine?

First up would have to be my Tanya Burr lipstick in the shade pink cocoa. I really love how creamy and moisturising this lipstick feels and at the same time is really long lasting. Not to mention the colour which is just as gorgeous as the packaging.


Would I really be a beauty blogger if MAC Velvet Teddy wasn’t in my top five? It has got to come in a close second. Again, it feels really moisturising and the colour is just that kind of shade that I have ten different variations of because I love it so much.

Next up is my Revolution lipstick in the shade chauffeur, which isn’t that different to Velvet Teddy to be honest, just a little pinker. The reason it makes my top five is mainly because it smells like vanilla, which is amazing. Again, the packaging is really pretty too, it’s a pretty rose gold.

My final two of my five favourites are both NYX products. I know that strictly speaking, the NYX soft matte lip creams aren’t lipsticks but I love this lip cream so much I couldn’t not include it. When I ordered the shade Athens I was expecting it to be a lot more nude-like, but it is actually quite a bright pink – a shade I don’t usually go for. However, I’ve ended up really liking it and it easily lasts all day.

Finally, I’ve had my NYX Euro Trash matte lipstick for ages now and it is still a firm favourite. NYX products are all such good value – they’re high quality products and high street prices. This lipstick is a real autumnal lipstick in a dark nude-y pink but I love it so much that I just wear it throughout summer anyway. I’m pretty sure this lipstick was only a fiver, which is a bargain considering it is definitely as good as any MAC lipstick I’ve ever tried.

Make sure you let me know what your favourite lipsticks/lip products are as I’m always on the look out for more to add to my ever-growing collection. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for a room-tour kind of post tomorrow. In the meantime why not be friends with me over on my social media? Check out my accounts here.

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Spring pink make-up look

Spring pink make-up look


Hey, I hope you’re having the laziest comfiest Sunday ever! With Tuesday being the first official day of Spring, and after all the lovely sunny weather we’ve had this week in England, I was feeling really girly and Spring-like. So, I thought I’d have a little play with some make-up yesterday morning and did a really pink Spring make-up look! I’m not a very girly-girl at all, I usually stick to nudes and dark colours so this was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I actually really liked it!


I just used all of my usual base products; primer, foundation, concealer and then did my eyebrows. Then I used my Collection #BlushAndGlow because their blushes are a really nice rosey pink colour, and I used the highlighter that comes in the set too. I went to town with the highlighting a bit, because I was really feeling the shimmery-pink look to be honest.

Adding to the rosey vibe, I used the MUA Burning Embers eyeshadow palette – which has the most amazing really bright pink. I then used a little bit of the white/highlighter shade for the corner of my eye. I then just curled my eyelashes and used my usual mascara, the Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect mascara. Then finally, I used a MAC lipstick in the shade Please Me on my lips!

Then after I’d done it all and I looked all bright and pink, the sun disappeared and it started raining and I just wanted to put on some nude eyeshadow and dark lipstick… but I stuck it out, and to be fair, quite liked it. It’s definitely a look for a sunny day though.

Let me know what you think of the look or if you try it out. I’ll definitely be trying the looks gain as it gets brighter and warmer! Thanks for reading and make sure you come back tomorrow for my first empties post!

P.S. I’ve been trying to make my posts shorter and less waffly as I feel like people might be put off by a great big ass Harry Potter novel style post. What do you guys prefer? Long waffly or short and sweet? Let me know in the comments





Mac studio fix fluid – first impressions

Mac studio fix fluid – first impressions

With pale skin, I’ve always found it difficult to find a foundation that is basically white, but not quite white. For the past couple of years I’ve settled for the Rimmel Light Porcelain shade foundations; at such a reasonable price and of decent quality I was happy just settling for that. Recently though, with the new job and all, I’ve ben splashing the cash, so I decided to look into finding a new foundation that was truly the right shade for my skin and longer lasting than the Rimmel foundation, and to stop settling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Rimmel products and I’ve used that foundation and nothing but for about the last three years, but I wasn’t one hundred percent happy with it. I’ve always said that you don’t have to spend a lot for good quality products, but maybe when it comes to foundation you get what you pay for?

So, I did some research and shopped around a little and ended up at MAC. I’ve never bought a foundation from MAC before so was a bit nervous but I’ve only ever heard good things about the Studio Fix Fluid, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’d read a lot about their choice of foundation shades being great for pale skin, and turns out, they are.

I decided to go for NC10, which is absolutely spot on. As you can see from the picture where I’ve blended it out, you just can’t tell its there. I am honestly over the moon, I’ve never found a foundation before that doesn’t give me a lovely line around my jaw that no amount of blending can fix. So this is amazing.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s so long lasting! And really matte. The Rimmel was a pain for sliding off my skin and going patchy as the day went on, especially as my skin is a little on the oily side. The Studio Fix, however, stays exactly where you put it, all day long. The last three days I have put it on at eight in the morning and at eight at night it has looked the exact same.

The coverage isn’t super high, but I was only really looking for a medium coverage anyway so for me, it’s fine. Besides, it’s definitely build able. It’s not cakey at all, which the Rimmel could be sometimes.

I have to admit though, I have been wearing the foundation over the MAC prep & prime, so whether it’s as cake-free without the primer – I’m not sure. One thing is for sure though, the primer is brilliant! Lastly, I like the packaging, it’s simple and black and matte, nothing special but I like it.

Overall, I definitely think I’m going to keep buying the Studio Fix, I’m sort of regretting not trying it sooner to be honest. I guess you do get what you pay for and it is worth spending that bit extra when it comes to foundation! Don’t get me wrong, I realise that the Studio Fix foundation is not new at all and as per usual I am totally the last person to the party, but I just thought if there were any fellow pale people out there or anyone who is looking to try a new foundation then this might help.

If you’ve got a favourite foundation, and especially if you’re very pale, then please feel free to recommend me some. I’m open to trying some new foundations, I plan to stick with the MAC Studio Fix, unless I can find something even better!

Thanks for reading, make sure you follow my blog to catch my post tomorrow on hair care and keeping healthy hair! In the meantime you can find me on Twitter and Instagram.




Favourite four – products I can’t live without

Favourite four – products I can’t live without

Before I get into this post, I just thought I’d say that I’ve made a new Instagram that’s purely for my blog (I’ve noticed some of you have been following my personal, but I barely post over there, so it seemed like a good idea), so if you want to go check that out you can follow me here and I’ll be more than happy to follow other bloggers back! You can also find my Twitter for my blog here. Alternatively, my usernames for both are @emmachxrlotte_.


Okay, so now I’ve got my shameless self-promo out of the way, lets talk make-up. I thought I’d write a post about the make-up products that I can’t live without. A couple of years ago I’d have probably said foundation and concealer, but these days i’m not too bothered about going out without foundation – in fact I think it’s important to let your skin breathe. Instead, my products I can’t live without are as follows…

Colour Pop Ultra Satin in Echo Park. This product is a really new addition to my favourites and comes courtesy of Kate (you can find her blog here – if you check her out please tell her I sent you!) after I won her giveaway and Colour Pop lip gloss was one of the prizes. It is definitely my new favourite. This thing survived a McDonald’s El Chicken Spicy burger, a chocolate muffin and a lasagne – I think it’s safe to say it’s pretty durable. Not to mention the gorgeous colour. I’ll definitely be buying some of these in the very near future.

The Max Factor Voluptuous False Lash Effect mascara is also courtesy of Kate. Just look at the brush on this thing, it’s amazing. Normally I’ll go over my lashes a good few times and then work at separating them out and what not, but this brush does all your work for you in literally one swipe. I don’t know how or why I haven’t come across this before to be honest, but I think I’ll be sticking with it! So thank you Kate, you’ve got some seriously good taste in make-up!

Next up is my eyelash curler. As someone with very straight eyelashes, this thing is a life saver. I couldn’t go without my eyelash curler. I’ve had this thing for a good three or four years now and it’s lasted me so well. It still looks as good as new and works as well as ever. I believe I just got this from Boots (if not Boots, then Superdrug) but I haven’t got a clue what brand it is. It’s bloody good though.

Lastly, I mentioned the Freedom Eyebrow Pomade in my Drugstore Make-up Haul and Review and my February Favourites, and I’m talking about it again because I just cannot get enough of the stuff. I’ve used it every day now for a good couple of months and I still love it. My eyebrows aren’t bad in shape, but I’ve got a few chicken pox scars in them that have left me with little bald patches, so I really hate how they look when they’re not filled in. So therefore, the Freedom Pomade would have to make my top four.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite four products are that you can’t live without, and let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you thought! Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for a Netflix-related post going up tomorrow!

P.S. what do you think of the photos for this post? I decided to make myself a background for my pics and this is the result! I’m sort of loving it, tbh.