Mac studio fix fluid – first impressions

Mac studio fix fluid – first impressions

With pale skin, I’ve always found it difficult to find a foundation that is basically white, but not quite white. For the past couple of years I’ve settled for the Rimmel Light Porcelain shade foundations; at such a reasonable price and of decent quality I was happy just settling for that. Recently though, with the new job and all, I’ve ben splashing the cash, so I decided to look into finding a new foundation that was truly the right shade for my skin and longer lasting than the Rimmel foundation, and to stop settling.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Rimmel products and I’ve used that foundation and nothing but for about the last three years, but I wasn’t one hundred percent happy with it. I’ve always said that you don’t have to spend a lot for good quality products, but maybe when it comes to foundation you get what you pay for?

So, I did some research and shopped around a little and ended up at MAC. I’ve never bought a foundation from MAC before so was a bit nervous but I’ve only ever heard good things about the Studio Fix Fluid, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’d read a lot about their choice of foundation shades being great for pale skin, and turns out, they are.

I decided to go for NC10, which is absolutely spot on. As you can see from the picture where I’ve blended it out, you just can’t tell its there. I am honestly over the moon, I’ve never found a foundation before that doesn’t give me a lovely line around my jaw that no amount of blending can fix. So this is amazing.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s so long lasting! And really matte. The Rimmel was a pain for sliding off my skin and going patchy as the day went on, especially as my skin is a little on the oily side. The Studio Fix, however, stays exactly where you put it, all day long. The last three days I have put it on at eight in the morning and at eight at night it has looked the exact same.

The coverage isn’t super high, but I was only really looking for a medium coverage anyway so for me, it’s fine. Besides, it’s definitely build able. It’s not cakey at all, which the Rimmel could be sometimes.

I have to admit though, I have been wearing the foundation over the MAC prep & prime, so whether it’s as cake-free without the primer – I’m not sure. One thing is for sure though, the primer is brilliant!┬áLastly, I like the packaging, it’s simple and black and matte, nothing special but I like it.

Overall, I definitely think I’m going to keep buying the Studio Fix, I’m sort of regretting not trying it sooner to be honest. I guess you do get what you pay for and it is worth spending that bit extra when it comes to foundation! Don’t get me wrong, I realise that the Studio Fix foundation is not new at all and as per usual I am totally the last person to the party, but I just thought if there were any fellow pale people out there or anyone who is looking to try a new foundation then this might help.

If you’ve got a favourite foundation, and especially if you’re very pale, then please feel free to recommend me some. I’m open to trying some new foundations, I plan to stick with the MAC Studio Fix, unless I can find something even better!

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